Baby Dolls That Look Real & Lifelike: Do The Details Matter?

Posted by Madame Alexander on Feb 1, 2015

No other dolls offer such potential for realism as baby dolls. For one thing, no other dolls are so similar in size to the real people they depict.

A baby dolls and reborn dolls are almost the same size as an actual baby. Even a large 18-inch play doll is on a much smaller scale than an actual child is.

Details on the face, body, and clothing of baby dolls are much truer to life than other dolls, which must inevitably stylize and simplify some details.

Indeed, even sometimes the line between baby clothes and baby doll clothes can get blurry, or disappear altogether.

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6 Things To Help You Find Perfect Baby Doll

Posted by Madame Alexander on Dec 6, 2014

The only thing almost as irresistible as a baby is a charming, realistic baby doll.

After 90 years of making fine dolls, our Madame Alexander Baby line continues to be among the very favorites of our fans.

We take a lot of care to keep it that way. Here are 6 reasons why we think our Madame Alexander Baby dolls will continue to capture hearts for decades to come.

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How To Choose The Best Doll for Any Age And Stage

Posted by Madame Alexander on Aug 30, 2014


When chosen correctly, a doll has the power to be a best friend, a source of comfort, and a way to show creativity.

So how do you make sure that the doll you select will be all of those things and so much more?

You can start by choosing a doll appropriate to the little girl’s age. Every age group uses dolls in a different way, which means you probably shouldn't buy the same doll for the 1-year-old and the 5-year-old in your life.

Here are some features to look at in a doll to find the right doll for the right age:

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5 Essential Features To Look For In A Baby Doll

Posted by Madame Alexander on Aug 2, 2014


So you've already decided you want to give your little girl a baby doll. It's the perfect gift to celebrate a new arrival! And as she grows, she'll want to be just like Mommy, with her own little baby to take care of. But before you get too far in the purchasing process, it’s important to realize that not all baby dolls are created equal.

Just like with most baby toys, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the doll safety features, its quality, and how easy it is to clean.

When you invest the time to pick out the perfect baby doll for your daughter, she will be able to enjoy her doll to the fullest. More importantly, you can relax knowing it’s perfectly safe whether you are with her or not.

Here are 5 no-compromise characteristics every baby doll should have:

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