The Ultimate Gifting Guide For Doll Shopping & Buying

Posted by Madame Alexander on Dec 13, 2014

The Ultimate Gift Giving Doll Shopping Buying Guide

The task of buying, shopping and gifting a doll is a big decision.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or giving a gift, there's so much to think about to make sure you spend your doll budget wisely.

If you’re the kind of person who always thinks about making your gifts “extra special” but worries that you can’t quite pull it off, then this post is for you!

We've collected links to some of our favorite doll buying guides, both from the Madame Alexander blog and from elsewhere around the web. We hope it helps you be a more informed doll shopper!

For Moms, Grandmas, & Other Doll Gift-Givers

From a newborn's first baby doll to an older girl's 18-inch play doll, the gift of a doll is a truly special treat. Make it the right one with these doll-shopping tips.

It's something that we've talked a lot about on the Madame Alexander blog, with posts like these:

We also just announced the release of the new Disney Frozen Dolls on our blog recently. It's only been a short time since we released them, but already we've gotten a tremendous response! These 18-inch Elsa Dolls & Anna Dolls make for a top choice for gifts this holiday or for on any occassion.

And here are some pieces we've found useful or interesting on other websites. While we don't endorse everything they say, they all make some good points worth considering:

For Doll Collectors

The great thing about collecting dolls is how diverse it is. You can make it exactly the kind of hobby you want it to be. Whether that means collecting dolls by period, style, manufacturer, color scheme, or just because they catch your eye, there's so much out there to choose from!

The Madame Alexander blog offers these doll-collecting guides to help you find your way into this rich, rewarding hobby:ing

Among the wealth of resources for doll collectors available on the web, we've found these sources particularly insightful:

We hope this doll resource guide will help you when you're shopping for dolls.

Found a great doll-buying guide that we've missed, please post a comment below to let us, and your fellow doll lovers know about it!

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