Our Top 4 Favorite Doll Trends

Posted by Madame Alexander on Jan 3, 2015

Our top 4 favorite doll trends

2014 – Another absolutely great year that has come and gone full of wonderful moments and memories we surely won’t forget.

While each year comes and goes, one question always remains: What are the top trending dolls right now among children, collectors, and other doll lovers?

With over 90 years of experience in creating dolls, we at Madame Alexander have a unique perspective on the pulse of the industry. Here's are our top 4 favorite doll trends!


Realistic Baby Sounds

Talking dolls have come a long way from the old pullstring Chatty Cathy's of decades past. With today's technology, it's possible to create a doll that not only sounds like the real thing, but interacts like a real baby, too.

That's the idea behind Madame Alexander's new Babblebabies line. Each one comes with over 80 combinations of real baby sounds.

And when you talk to a Babblebaby, it coos, gurgles, and babbles right back. As you can see in this video review of Babblebabies, an authentic voice complements a high-quality doll's look and feel, for a convincingly realistic, multi-sensory baby-doll experience.


Frozen Isn't Going Anywhere

It may seem odd to base a hot trend on a film that's over a year old. But the sensation that is Frozen shows no signs of melting away.

All things Frozen remained among the best-selling gifts of the 2014 holiday season. The Disney classic meets Madame Alexander craftsmanship in our high-quality Frozen 18" Dolls. Anna and Elsa come to life with silky hair, glittery costumes, and a touch of Frozen magic.

With a Frozen stage musical currently touring the country, the animated short Frozen Fever hitting theaters this spring, and a new Epcot attraction set to open in 2016, it seems that little girls everywhere won't "let it go" for quite some time to come.


Old Classics Done Steampunk Style

In the world of doll collecting, the steampunk look is having its moment. 2015 will be the year this intriguing style, with its hybrid of archaic technology and a futuristic outlook, makes its move into the mainstream. Madame Alexander will be right at the forefront with our limited-edition Wizard of Oz Steampunk dolls.

Fanciful new takes on Dorothy and Toto, Glinda the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the West present these classic characters like you've never seen them before. The highly detailed, old-fashioned steampunk style makes a perfect fit for collector dolls in general and The Wizard of Oz in particular.


Fashion-Forward Dolls

If you think doll collecting is all about frilly bonnets, puffy sleeves, and high collars, 2015 will change your mind.

As Madame Alexander's Isaac Mizrahi Collection shows, premium dolls are getting in step with the styles of today. Each one sports a youthful, on-trend look that's equally at home on the sidewalk or the catwalk. And of course, each one carries a pair of trademark Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses.

What do you think? Are there trends you see out there that we should all watch out for? Do we have some surprises in store?

Whatever happens in this year, one thing is for sure: it'll be another fun, fabulous year for anybody who loves dolls. We hope you'll spend some of it with Madame Alexander!


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