Most Popular Doll Themes for Young Girls

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 11, 2014

Popular doll themes for young girls

Girls and dolls seem to go hand in hand, but different types of dolls play different rolls, take on various meanings and fit different needs for your young one.

When shopping for the little girl in your life, it's helpful to know what doll theme she’ll truly enjoy now and for years to come.

Here are several categories of popular doll themes sure to light up the life of your precious little one:


Historic Dolls

Specifically for your girl, Historical dolls capture an unforgettable period of history, in the form of a doll. These dolls can be known for many different roles in their life. Some are famous doctors, writers, actors or even spies!

They will have authentic outfits that capture the clothing and accessories often worn in that time period. These dolls are usually collectible, and sometimes they even come with a back-story that your daughter can act out.


Fashion Dolls

They come with an extensive wardrobe selection are trendy and fashionable.  Doll sizes and doll body types can vary, it all depends on your liking.

Younger girls may benefit from fun fashion dolls like the Madame Alexander 18 Inch Fashion Play Dolls. These dolls give girls a chance to explore their inner fashionista and explore their creativity and imagination.


Puppets and Muppets

Puppets are a unique category of dolls. Puppets allow your child to interact and play in a very different way as they learn to breath life, creativity and personality into it, becoming the doll with every gesture, expression and mannerism.

What popular puppets do we know better than the Muppets? We've loved them for so long, they aren't just puppets anymore. Now they are close friends you can bring home with Madame Alexander's brand new Muppets puppets. They are just as realistic as the iconic puppets themselves.

With a puppet, any child, boy or girl can experiment with their own ventriloquism make them take on a life of their own.


Character Dolls

Character dolls create a doll out of a favorite character from a movie, television show or book. Disney dolls are a common type of character doll. Princess dolls capture the beauty and exquisite designs of every little girl's favorite princess.

Yet princesses are just one type of character doll. Older girls and even adults will appreciate the detail in the Gone With the Wind or Wizard of Oz collection. Character dolls can also come from children's literature. Fans of Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, and Angelina Ballerina can find beautiful dolls that allow them to bring their favorite books to life.


Collectible Dolls

All dolls can be collectible, but specific dolls made for a collection tend to be designed for display, not play. They may have fragile materials and exquisite costumes. These dolls are ideal for older girls and adults

Do you enjoy collecting dolls or would like to start a collection? Here are two great resources just for you:


Baby Dolls

Baby dolls may be one of the first dolls a child has. These dolls are realistic, life-like babies that little mommies can take care of. From changing diapers to feeding bottles and even tiny baby spoons, these dolls give young girls a chance to explore the role of being mommy, so they can get excellent practice for later in life.

Baby dolls also help children develop in many ways as they play, change outfits, feed and nurture their doll.



No matter which category of doll your girl loves to play with, giving her a doll means creating lasting memories. From her first baby doll to the collectors doll she has on her dresser as a teenager; this is the gift that will stay with your daughter.

Dolls become lifelong friends, so take the time to learn what you can about your child's tastes, and find a doll that matches.


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