Details That Make The Best 18-Inch Doll… Perfect!

Posted by Madame Alexander on Nov 8, 2014


An 18-inch doll is not only the crown jewel of a girl's toy collection: it's also her closest & best doll friend.

Madame Alexander honors this special relationship by crafting dolls, with all the love and care in the world. We wanted this love to show in the details.

And with over 90 years of expertise, we pride ourselves being current and relevant and staying aware of the style preferences of today's kids. 

Here is why we believe Madame Alexander 18-inch dolls stack up nicely against any others and are one of the best of 18-inch dolls on the market today:


Vinyl Upper Body

Where many cloth-bodied dolls only use hard vinyl for the heads and limbs, Madame Alexander's dolls also have vinyl shoulders, chests, and upper backs, meeting the cloth body just below the breastbone.

This makes for a much more natural look when wearing open-collared tops, swimwear, and other such beautiful and detailed outfits.


A Head With Motion

Our 18-inch dolls not only can turn their heads from side to side. Their heads can also swivel up and down for a fuller and real motion.

The two axes of motion give Madame Alexander’s dolls a much wider, more natural range of head motion. And that means more realistic play for the little girls who love them.


Natural Skin Tones

We strive to make the skin tones of our 18” dolls, whatever their particular color, closely replicate the visual essence of real human skin in all its glow and hue.

We believe we're able to achieve a more human, less toy-like look for the skins of our dolls.


The Latest Looks

Our commitment to giving girls on-trend outfits for their 18” dolls has found its latest expression in Madame Alexander's partnership with Isaac Mizrahi. 

The fashion icon's fabulous new Glamour in Lace Girl and Wild About Leopard Girl dolls fit right in to our line of beautifully dressed 18” dolls and the stylish accessory outfits we offer.

Here’s what Isaac had to say about creating his fashion doll line with Madame Alexander:


Beautiful, Happy Sculpted Faces

Over the last 90 years, we've learned a thing or two about what girls, both young and young at heart, want in a doll. The faces of our 18-inch dolls are a sweetheart face created by our design team, in our New York Studio.  

Our goal is to design dolls for girls today that offer engaging doll play for hours of playtime fun.

By now, you can see why we're so proud of our 18-inch dolls. And we’re thankful for all the praise we receive from Madame Alexander fans like this:

“Look at her sweet face – I love, love, love the faces on the Madame Alexander’s dolls.” - MommyandGracieShow


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