6 Things To Help You Find Perfect Baby Doll

Posted by Madame Alexander on Dec 6, 2014


The only thing almost as irresistible as a baby is a charming, realistic baby doll.

After 90 years of making fine dolls, our Madame Alexander Baby line continues to be among the very favorites of our fans.

We take a lot of care to keep it that way. Here are 6 reasons why we think our Madame Alexander Baby dolls will continue to capture hearts for decades to come.


Charming, Classic Faces

Our studio of designers in New York brings decades of experience to creating baby doll faces with all the sweetness of a living, breathing baby.

Their artistry shows in every face in the Madame Alexander Baby collection, from our Pink Check Huggums Baby Doll to our Sweet Pea Baby Girl Doll.


That “Real Baby” Feel

Looks aren't everything.

A baby doll should feel as cuddle-able as a real baby, too. So our Newborn Nursery dolls are weighted for lifelike motion and heft, and their hair has the soft sheen of real hair.

When a little girl cradles one of our realistic dolls in her arms, it feels so real, it's easy for her imagination to take over from there.


A Range Of Outfits & Accessories

Speaking of imagination, the right accessories can really bring playtime to life. Children love caring for their babies, dressing them, and putting them to bed is the play that is the work of childhood.

Our Madame Alexander Baby accessories give pretend Mommies and Daddies even more fuel for their powerful imaginations.


Actual Baby Sounds

With over 80 combinations of real baby sounds, our new Babblebaby line takes realistic baby play to a whole new level. Just talk to them and they gurgle, coo, and babble right back!

We think Babblebaby might be the most authentic talking doll ever. You can even hear what Babblebaby sounds like by clicking the play button!


The Right Baby Doll For The Right Age

Not every baby doll is right for every stage of development. A newborn needs a doll that's safe to squeeze, hug, and chew on (and washable makes things easier for Mom, too).

Our Lullaby Bunny Baby Girl Doll is not only baby-safe, but it also plays a soothing lullaby just perfect for helping baby drift off to sleep.

A toddler might do better with a durable, play-ready cloth doll like our Sweet Lovies Bubble Gum Ballerina (currently free with any Madame Alexander baby doll purchase of $29.95 or more!). And an older girl who enjoys playing through nurturing scenarios will want a more realistic experience with the lifelike baby dolls in our Newborn Nursery.

The diversity of the Madame Alexander Baby collection ensures that kids of all ages will find a baby doll to love.


Accolades From The Experts

The most important "award" is the love of a child for one of our baby dolls.

But Madame Alexander is also proud of the accolades we've received from reputable parenting organizations, like the Parents' Choice Award for our Newborn Nursery dolls and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for our Lullaby Bunny Baby.

It's one more way to be sure that when you choose Madame Alexander, you're choosing one of the very best baby dolls you can buy.


What do you think makes the perfect baby doll? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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