5 Reasons High-Quality Dolls Are Worth The Price

Posted by Madame Alexander on Dec 20, 2014

5 reasons why high quality dolls are worth the price

We all have a budget we have to stick to. But spending as little as possible and spending as wisely as possible are two different things.

When it comes to buying gifts for children, it can be tempting to spend your budget on a bunch of lower-priced items rather than one high-quality one.

But which option will result in the most meaningful gift for the child?

Here are some reasons to consider spending more for one well-made doll.


1. Durability

A much-loved toy is a much-used toy.

Kids treat their favorite dolls as companions, toting them along everywhere. They dress and undress their dolls, dance with them, and share every adventure in life with them. Those hours and hours of play will take a toll on any doll.

Sturdy construction and solid materials are essential to make a doll that can stand up to years of affection.


2. Safety

Almost all dolls on the market, at any price, meet minimum safety standards for their recommended ages.

The big question is: what happens if a younger child should get ahold of a doll intended for an older child?

We wrote a post with some practical toy safety tips, because it’s good to keep in mind that babies love to chew on things. The higher a doll's quality, the less likely that the baby will be able to bite a piece off, presenting a choking hazard, or that coatings will flake off and get swallowed.


3. Play Value

When a dollmaker takes more care to design a doll and its accessories, the result is a doll that is simply more fun to play with. Charm, artistry, realism: achieving these qualities in a doll takes time, highly skilled craft labor, and (again) high-quality materials.

A child may not be able to tell which dolls cost more or less, but she will certainly know which ones truly engage her imagination.


4. Specialness

A high-quality doll can help teach a child respect for her possessions.

A kid who gets an avalanche of lower-priced presents may be excited at first. But the excitement will be short-lived. As she plays through a pile of toys that break, or disappoint her, or fail to interest her, she'll learn to treat her belongings as disposable. She'll learn it's more fun to get toys than to play with toys.

Swapping all that junk for a single high-quality doll will restore a sense of occasion to gift giving, and a sense of respect for her things.

The more you give a child toys she wants to take care of, the more she will want to take care of her toys.


5. Holding their value

Some toys just don't catch on with some kids. Others catch on so well, they become family heirlooms.

Whether you're selling a doll on eBay, regifting it to another child, or passing it down to another generation, you'll be glad you spent more right at the beginning. High-quality dolls hold their value through the years much better than lower-grade ones. These are dolls that someone will always treasure.

When buying a doll, you've got a lot of options to choose from, at all price levels. Consider your doll purchase as something that will have an impact on a child's life for years to come.

Buy the best doll you can comfortably afford. It will come back to you ten times over in memories.

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