10 Fun Mother's Day Activities, Extra Special Ideas & Gifts

Posted by Madame Alexander on Apr 25, 2015


It really is the thought that counts.

Mom will treasure a sincere handmade card just as much as a fancy piece of jewelry.


If you want to put an extra-special twist on the special day, here are 10 fun ideas for family activities that will make lasting memories!

And Mom, don't be shy about sharing this list with Dad and the kids - they'll appreciate the suggestions!

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10 Fun Activties To Do With Mom

1.) Family Film Festival

We all take a lot of family videos - but when do we ever make time to watch them? Get the whole gang together for a VIP screening of home movies. If Dad or one of the kids has the skills to edit them into a new video, great; but the important thing is reliving those moments together as a family.

2.) The Gift of Peace & Quiet

Mom loves spending time with the family. But maybe she'd like a little peace and quiet, too. Maybe that means time to sleep in a little later, or take a long, leisurely bath. Or just a day with no arguments between the kids!

3.) A Getaway Close to Home

We can't all jet off to exotic locales for the weekend. But you can recreate a vacation right in your hometown. If Mom has fond memories of Paris, she'll love waking up to croissants and French music. If she's always wanted to go to Japan, try sushi for lunch and an afternoon stroll through the cherry blossoms at a Japanese garden.

4.) "Hand" Crafts

Home-made gifts decorated with kids' handprints aren't just cute. Years from now, Mom will remember the little hands that made them for her, long after the kids have grown up. For ideas, check out this Handprint Sunshine Canvas, this Handprint "Flower Pot" Card, or these 50 Handprint Keepsakes for Mother's Day.

5.) Mother's Day Spa Day

This doesn't have to mean treating Mom to a full day at luxury resort. It can be as simple as a basket of soaps, candles, and lotions, and some time to relax and enjoy them.

6.) Elegance for Breakfast

Breakfast in bed never gets old! But this year, consider adding some little touches of elegance: a single rose in a cut-glass vase, cloth napkins, a flute of champagne, maybe even little "uniforms" for the kids (if you do that one, make sure you take pictures!).

7.) Museum of Memories

Put together an exhibition of family history: old toys, photos, ticket stubs, baby clothes, event programs, and other mementos of years gone by. Just don't be surprised if Mom starts to tear up a little.

8.) Hug O'Clock

Schedule hugs for Mom once an hour on the hour. Maybe even set an alarm so everyone knows to drop what they're doing and give Mom a hug.

9.) Leave a Permanent Record

Start a tradition of marking the same location every year on Mother's Day. Maybe it's height marks on a wall, maybe it's "graffiti" in your basement, maybe it's carving the date into a fence post. It'll be an enduring record of these special moments.

10.) And the Winner is... Mom!

Mom doesn't get enough applause in her life. Make her the guest of honor at an awards ceremony, where each member of the family can present her with a unique accolade: Happiest Laugh, Most Reliable, Best Cookie Baker, etc. Print out certificates, pick up ribbons or plastic medals at a party supply store, or find some old trophies at a thrift store. And don't forget to make a speech telling Mom why she deserves the award!

These are just a few ways you can make this Mother's Day the best yet. Let us know in the comments if you and your family tried them out. And please share stories about your most memorable Mother's Days!

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