10 Elegant Ways To Decorate With Dolls For A Jolly Dolly Christmas

Posted by Madame Alexander on Nov 15, 2014

Decorate For Christmas With Dolls

Want to bring a distinctive but classic touch to your Christmas decorating – and show off the gems of your doll collection in a fresh way? Incorporating dolls into your décor can give your home a festive look and be a lot of fun to use!

Here are some scenes you can pose your dolls in, to add some holiday spice to your Christmas decorating!


1. “Can I Open It Yet?”

Set up a doll as if she's poised to open one of the real presents under the tree, perhaps with one of her hands hooked under a ribbon like she just can't wait to remove it. 

When the recipient of that gift sees that tantalizing sight, they'll be even more excited to open it. (Wouldn't you?)


2. “Gathered 'Round The Tree”

Array your dolls in a circle around the tree, “ooh’ing and ahh’ing” at the lights and tinsel. It's a doll variation on the old toy-train-around-the-tree-look.


3. “Trimming the Tree”

A doll-size tree and some strings of plastic beads are all you need to let your dolls have a tree-trimming party of their own! Use your imagination for other decorations: gumdrops, marbles, and mini candy canes all make great doll-scale decorations.


4. “Snow Angels”

A white tree skirt is a lovely stand-in for a snowy hill. Or you can set up a snow scene on a side table. Just add some dolls bundled up in winter clothes, maybe a sled or snowman, and you've got an instant winter playtime party.

And this snow won't melt!


5. “Figure Eights”

Another winter activity, ice skating, can also make an irresistible Christmastime tableau. A sheet of glass over white or pale blue paper can look just like the surface of a frozen lake.


6. “Look What Santa Brought Me”

Dolls in pajamas playing with doll-sized toys make for a timeless scene that recalls Christmas mornings gone by. And get you in the mood for the Christmas morning soon to come.


7. “Stocking Stuffers”

Who's that peeking out of that stocking? There's nothing more adorable than a sweet doll nestled in a Christmas stocking. But beware: it might be so cute, Santa won't want to remove it to make room for the presents!

Of course, best of all is if the doll is the present.


8. “Later On By The Fire”

A sweater, a blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, a comfy chair: seeing your dolls get cozy will make you and your visitors feel a little warmer, too.


9. “Away In A Manger”

Wrap a baby doll in swaddling clothes and surround it with stuffed animals for a lovely Nativity scene.


10. Use your imagination!

Look around and see what other possibilities your collection and your home may offer. Can your Victorian dolls recreate A Christmas Carol? What about dressing some of your dolls like Santa's elves?

Make the most of your unique advantages for Christmas décor that's as memorable and festive as the holiday itself!

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