5 Fun Ways Moms & Daughters Can Play Together With Dolls

Posted by Madame Alexander on Jul 12, 2014

Fun ways mothers and daughters can play with dolls


For the mom who loved dolls as a child, having a little girl brings back an infinite number of memories. You may be fondly remembering back to the days when you played with dolls and are now coming up with new way of how you can play together and share your love of dolls with your daughter.

Here are 5 fun ways you & your daughter can play dolls together sure to spark a love that will last a lifetime:


1. Bake Together

Bake treats based on your daughter’s favorite character doll. Find your daughters favorite story about her doll and with her help bake cookies, cakes, or cupcakes based on the story theme or colors. If your doll doesn’t have a story or you would like to be adventurous then create a story or theme together. If you especially love cupcakes, then check out this Pinkalicious Cupcake Toppers. They’re easy to print and cut out to make your cupcakes even more adorable. There are many other fun activities to check out at ThinkPinkalicious.com for your little girl that lover her Pinkalicious doll.


2. Create a Scene

Create an elaborate scheme or diorama for your daughter's dolls. Using props and the dolls themselves, you can tell a story. Picture the holiday windows in New York City and try to re-create your own festive story-telling scene.

Create a bedroom for the doll. Using scraps of material and cardboard, you can craft everything from a bed complete with lavish bedspread to a desk and dresser. Grab markers, paper and glue to decorate the walls as well.


3. Stage a Fashion Show

Dress up the dolls, fix their hair, and prop them up on a model runway. Let each doll display her best and brightest fashions, and you can photograph them. Your daughter can then print the photographs and make her own scrapbook or pretend fashion magazine with the designs.

Having a fashion show can also give you a way to display the outfits you created together. You can use the fashion show to give your daughter a way to show her own sense of fashion and explore textures and colors that go well together. If she wants to pair denim with lace, let her do it and see what the results look like!


4. Set up a Salon

Every girl loves a little bit of pampering, right? Set up a salon for your daughter's dolls and use the opportunity to teach her how to braid and make a ponytail. Look up different hairstyles to try on the dolls online, and have fun practicing together. Your daughter will get the chance to perfect her hair-doing skills, and you will have some time to relax with a brush and a doll in your hand while loving on your daughter.


5. Shoot a Movie

Stop-motion animation can be a fun thing to learn with your daughter. It can be a little tricky to get the sequencing down, but once you do, you can create elaborate stories with your dolls and your daughter.

To make this activity as engaging as possible, start at the basics. Set up a storyboard and script with your daughter, drawing the scenes as you picture them. Then, shoot the images. Finally, add the vocals.

If stop motion is too difficult, use your hands to shoot a live-action movie. It won't bother your daughter that her hand is in the movie. If the work is good, upload it to YouTube and share it with friends!

Are you looking to expand your daughter's doll collection? You can't go wrong with her favorite characters from Madame Alexander!

What fun and memorable things do you have planned? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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