5 Accessories Every Ballerina Doll Needs

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 25, 2014

5 Accessories every ballerina doll needs

Lots of little girls love going to ballet class and look forward to it every week.

If your daughter or granddaughter loves ballet, why not celebrate that love by giving her an 18-inch ballerina doll, which she can play with at home or bring along to class with her?

A range of accessories can help make the doll even more special and give your little girl hours of fun play.

Here are a few of our favorite accessories we recommend.


1. Dance Clothes

Every ballerina needs something to dance in.

Let your little girl get creative and send her doll to dance class wearing a tutu set that includes leg warmers, tights and a leotard. The ballerina doll will be ready to make her debut on stage wearing a fluffy and sparkling pink tutu.

Of course, no ballet class outfit is complete without a pair of satiny pink ballet slippers, which the doll can wear while perfecting her pirouettes.


2. Hair Accessories

Ballerinas learn early on that there are rules when it comes to hairstyles. The classic ballet look is a bun piled on top of the head, without a wisp of hair flying free.

A set of doll-sized ponyholders and ribbons means a little girl can style her doll's hair into a ballet class ready bun. For a different hairstyle you can add a bow or colorful hair extensions to look even more dazzling while she is practicing for her performance.

A hairbrush sized for dolls lets your little girl remove any tangles from her doll friend's hair, so that she can pull it back into a smooth ponytail or braid before wrapping it into a bun. The hairbrush will also help keep a ballerina doll's hair silky and smooth, even after months of play.


3. After Class Clothes

Your daughter or granddaughter doesn't spend all of her time in ballet class (although she might want to). Odds are, her doll won't, either, and will need some outfits to wear when she's doing something else.

The doll might need a warm and toasty outfit to wear after class on chilly fall days or a fun dress to wear to the mall or movies.


4. Tech Accessories

Phones and mp3 players might not be allowed in ballet class. But, every ballerina dolls needs to practice her dance moves at home, and an mp3 player with headphones will let her listen to music without disturbing others in the house.

Doll tech accessories can also include a phone, so that the doll can call or text her other friends and a camera.


5. Tiara & Wand

After so much practice and when your daughter is ready to put on a performance for her doll, you cannot forget the beautiful glam accessories. A tiara and wand are the perfect compliment to a ballerina ensemble.

If her doll ballerina does not already come with a tiara or wand check out these DIY’s that you and your little girl could work on together:


A ballerina doll and her accessories can help the young dancer in your life enjoy ballet even more. You never know, you might catch the two of them practicing ballet moves together!


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