3 Important Benefits a Girl Gets From Having An 18 Inch Doll

Posted by Madame Alexander on Aug 23, 2014

3 Important Benefits a Girl Gets From Having An 18 Inch Doll


18 inch play & fashion fun dolls seem to be all the rage these days.

You can find dolls in every ethnicity, with every combination of hair and eye color imaginable. But are these dolls just a marketing hype, or do they actually provide some benefits to your little girl? (Hint: the answer is yes!)

When you can find an 18 inch doll that closely matches your daughter’s features, she will experience these 3 very important benefits as part of her pretend play that will assist to her growing up:


Benefit #1 – Improve Her Self-Worth & Gain Confidence

Little girls think their dolls are pretty. They admire everything about them, from their flowing locks to their perfect little eyes. Dolls are the epitome of beauty as far as your child is concerned.

So when your daughter sees herself in her doll (because of the similar hair, eyes, and skin color), she will also view herself as the gorgeous little girl you know she is. Not only that, but the 18 inch doll is also built to represent normal body sizes (unlike fashion dolls), so your child will never question her own physique.

This developed self worth will translate into higher self-esteem and a greater ability to stand up for herself as she gets older, which are both crucial traits every girl needs.


Benefit #2 – Increased Nurturing

You’ve been caring for your daughter since she was born – cuddling her, feeding her, and singing to her to get her to sleep – and she has loved every minute of it.

She has also been learning from your example, and now she is thrilled to be able to reciprocate what she has seen.

Sure, she will nurture and care for any doll you give her, but if it looks like her, it will be that much more realistic. She will get more into her “mommy role,” and more carefully mimic what she has observed.

These caregiving tendencies will stay with her throughout her life, helping her show empathy to others and, eventually, be a better mom to your grandchildren. It is never too early to cultivate these important skills.


Benefit #3 – Learn How to Make Better Friends

It is no secret that your daughter’s doll is going to be her best friend. She will take her doll everywhere with her, trust it with her secrets, and imagine it giving her advice back.

This relationship is even more concrete with a doll that looks like her. Since she sees herself in the doll, she trusts it more, and it certainly won’t steer her wrong. Together, the two of them will conquer the world – or at least the playground.



A child’s brain is a powerful thing, and even the smallest detail can have a huge impact on their development for the future.

It’s clear that an 18 inch doll can have some amazing, lasting benefits on your girl’s life. They will easily become your daughter’s closest ally, with a mission to raise her self-esteem, encourage her nurturing tendencies, and be the perfect supporter throughout her childhood.


What have you noticed as benefits when giving your daughter a doll? Or maybe you could tell us how you remember feeling when you received your first 18 inch doll? Please share these treasures in the comments below!


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