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10 Elegant Ways To Decorate With Dolls For A Jolly Dolly Christmas

Posted by Madame Alexander on Nov 15, 2014

Want to bring a distinctive but classic touch to your Christmas decorating – and show off the gems of your doll collection in a fresh way? Incorporating dolls into your décor can give your home a festive look and be a lot of fun to use!

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Details That Make The Best 18-Inch Doll… Perfect!

Posted by Madame Alexander on Nov 8, 2014

An 18-inch doll is not only the crown jewel of a girl's toy collection: it's also her closest & best doll friend.

Madame Alexander honors this special relationship by crafting dolls, with all the love and care in the world. We wanted this love to show in the details.

And with over 90 years of expertise, we pride ourselves being current and relevant and staying aware of the style preferences of today's kids. 

Here is why we believe Madame Alexander 18-inch dolls stack up nicely against any others and are one of the best of 18-inch dolls on the market today:

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Which Wizard of Oz Character Doll Are You?

Posted by Madame Alexander on Nov 1, 2014

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved movies of all time, and for good reason.

From the dynamic characters to the heartwarming story of friendship and hope, everyone seems to relate to the Wizard of Oz in one-way or another. So it’s no surprise that the Wizard of Oz dolls are so popular commodities among collectors.

So how do you know which Wizard of Oz doll you should add to your collection first?

Why not choose the one that is most like you! Are you more…

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5 Accessories Every Ballerina Doll Needs

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 25, 2014

Lots of little girls love going to ballet class and look forward to it every week.

If your daughter or granddaughter loves ballet, why not celebrate that love by giving her an 18-inch ballerina doll, which she can play with at home or bring along to class with her?

A range of accessories can help make the doll even more special and give your little girl hours of fun play.

Here are a few of our favorite accessories we recommend.

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Toy Awards: What Toy Shoppers Should Know

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 18, 2014

With thousands and thousands of toys to choose from, covering every imaginable niche, it can be hard to find the truly wonderful toys of today.

When we're bombarded from all sides by advertising and hype, where can grownups look for toys that are high quality, age-appropriate, developmentally enhancing, innovative, and most important of all, fun?

A great way to start is to check out the reputable toy awards given each year.

All of the following programs choose their honorees independently of any influence from toy manufacturers. And each can help guide toy shoppers in their search for toys that will take their place among the classic toys we all grew up with.

If you're looking for fantastic toys, your search begins here:

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Most Popular Doll Themes for Young Girls

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 11, 2014

Girls and dolls seem to go hand in hand, but different types of dolls play different rolls, take on various meanings and fit different needs for your young one.

When shopping for the little girl in your life, it's helpful to know what doll theme she’ll truly enjoy now and for years to come.

Here are several categories of popular doll themes sure to light up the life of your precious little one:

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5 Incredible Ways Doll Play Effects Your Child’s Development

Posted by Madame Alexander on Oct 4, 2014

Would you say that doll play just an idle pastime, or is it something more?

Maybe even something incredible?

Previously we wrote about why children should play with dolls. In this post we’ll take a closer look at some specific aspects surrounding doll play that will show that it's a crucial part of your child's development.

Here are 5 incredible ways that playing with dolls effect children, which all parents should know:

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